Orderly Book Of Captain Thomas Armstrong's Light Infantry Company, 64th Regiment Of Foot,

(2nd Battalion Of Light Infantry)
14 September - 3 October 1777.

George Washington Papers, Library of Congress; Presidential Microfilm Series, Series 66, Volume 3 (30 pages), Reel 117, State Historical Society of Wisconsin (Madison); Reel P37436 Transcribed by Stephen R. Gilbert, 3rd New-York Regiment, Captain Lewis Dubois' 4th Company, N-W.T.A. 6 August 1988

This orderly book has not had its spelling modernized in any way, except that it is in typescipt. The only script not appropriate to the 18th century are the square brackets. The square brackets ( [ ] ) are used to indicate missing letters, clarify meaning, and merk illegible passages. The reader should bear in mind that more words may appear on the original document in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, which this transcriber has not laid eyes on. The suspicion here is that this orderly book was captured during the early minutes of the Battle of Germantown, Pennsylvania, in the fog of Saturday. 4 October 1777. The camp, of the 2nd Battalion of Light infantry was overrun by American forces. It is known that private British papers were taken at this time.

Compy Confin'd by the Order of Cap. Armstrong
Head Quarters Dilworth Septr. 14th 1777
Richd. C
Those Corps who have not already Specified the Names & particular Ranks of the Killed & Wounded officers in theire Returns are to Transmitt them to Head Quarters immediately together with Such Alterations as the[y] Discovered Since their Returns were given in.

Ashtown Camp 14th September 1777
Returns &c.
The troops are immediatly to send into the Commisary, all the Cattle that have been Collected on the March - Two Days Flour and Fresch Mate will be Immediatly Deliverd, The men are to go with ther Haver Sacks for Flour to Hills Milles

Battl Order -
Capt. Hamilton [52nd], Lieuts. 0 Marra [49th], Roberts [63rd] and Hunter [52nd] for Picquet this Evening --

Hamilton & 3d

Ash Town Camp 15th Septr. 1777
Willm. Mirret Grenadier [28th] 1st Battn. Grenadiers & Willm Harrison [5th] 1st Battn Lt. Infantry are this Day to be Executed at a 11 oClock in the front of the grenadiers Encampment for plundering in Disobedience of Genl. orders -it is with the greatest Concern that his Excellency the Commander in Chief is Reduced to the Disagrible Necessity of ordering the Execution of Willm. Mirret & Willm. Harrison, but the Shoking & Crule Robries that have been Commited on the Enisant Inhabetants of this Country who have alredy Suffered much from the Rebels for thier Loyalty Renders it absulutly Necessary - it is likeway a Justas Du to the good Solder who in a Land of plenty most be Deprived of Every Comfort by the out Regious & Depredations of a fue Desprat Villians - A Detachment of one Capt. 2 Subs & 50 privat from Each Brigade & from Each Battn. of Light Troops the whole Commanded by a field officer will attend at the Execution officers Commanding partys Sent for floure or other provesions are by No means to Suffer the men to healp them Selves but waiet untill they are Delivered by a Commissary -

An officer & 20 grenadiers will take post at Hill House

The above orders to be Reade to the Companys by thier Respective none Commissioned officers immediately

After Orders Ct. Wood [45th], Lts. Harding [46th], Mathews [37th], Waddle [57th], Geason [40th], & Campbell Sinor [71st ?] for Piquet this Evening
Viseting Capt. For the Piqut Capt. Benson [44th] A Detachment of' 2 Capts 4 Subs. & 4 Serjts 4 Corpls. & 80 Privates to Parade at 2 OClock

For the Above Duty
Lysight [63rd] Speek [37th] Capts. Forbus [40th] Sereen [46th] Kelley [ ? ] Nichlas [44th] Lts.

Ashton Camp the 15th Ser. 77 after orders
The Troops will march by the Left at 8 oClock in the following order
First Battn Light Infantry
2d Brigade the 10 Regimt Leading
1st Brigade
2d Grenadiers
1st Grenadiers

Baggage of the army to be escorted by a Cap. 2 Subs and 50 Grenadiers
2d. Light Infantry

A Corps from each Brigade and a Qr Mr from each Battn will attend the Baggage to prevent any excesses to be Committed

Battn Orders -- all the Baggage that Cannot be Carried upon the officers horses to be sent to the Qr Mr & the waggons to be Loaded this Evening at 7 oClock

Head Quarters 17th Sept. 1777
Morning orders 9 oClock - The troops to be in Readiness to march at the shortest Notice - The Arms & Ammunition to be immediately Examined, put in the best order possible - the troops may have their Rum Emidiately [W]hen the troops Receive Orders to march they will move by the right in the Same order as yesterday Except that the 2d. Lt. Infantry follow the Yagers, & that the whole of [the Spare] Ammunition Waggons & baggage of the Army Will march in the Rear of the 3d. Brigade British --

The 15th Regt. Reg. of Donop & Queen Rangers form the Baggage Guard - the Commander in Chief thinks him Self Much obliged to Colo. Donop & Corps of Yagers for the Spirit & Judgement with which they yesterday Routed and Dispersed the advanced troops of the Enemy

It is the General's Repeated and positive order that when ever the Army is in motion the Qr. Masters upon no account Whatever Quit the Baggige of their Respective Coares the[y] are to be Responsible that their Serviciable waggins are not over loaded that their Baggige is properly put on and that the rivers keep their proper line of march: - this is to be Considered as a standing Order, all Causelties to be Immeditally Reported to the officer Commanding the Baggige Guard.

The men kill'd in Each of the Flank Companys are to be Immedeatly replac'd by their respective Battalions the Qr. Masters are not to premit any Cattel be Ty'd to the Waggins on the march -- The Commander in Chief expects that no man that is able to make use of his arms shall on any account be Imployd to 1ead or drive Cattel. all Cattel that is private Property is to be Sent with the Cattle of the Armey till the Troops Comes to Their Ground -A Capn. of Each Brigade to attend the Baggage on the March

Battl Orders 18th Septer 1777

Lieuts Forbis [40th], Sareen [46th] and Kelly [ ? ], For Picquett this Evening Immediately

Morning orders 19th Sept. 77 8 oClock -
A Genl Court Martial Consisting of 3 field officers and 10 Subs. from Brigade of Guards to Assemble Immediately in the front of that Brigade to Trie Robert Dicks and Thos Borries Private Soldiers in Lt. Collo. Sir George Hosburns Compy. and Such other Presoners Shall be Brought befor them

Lt. Collo. Martin Prest. Captn. Adye Depty. Judge Advt.
A Genl. Court Martial Consist of 3 field officers 6 Capts 4 Lts from the 3d. and 4th Brigade British to Assemble Immiadly in front of the 3d. Brigade to Trie all Prisoners and shall be Brought be for them

Ditailfield officersCaps.Lts.
3 Brigade232
4th Brigade132

Lt. Colln. Prest. Depy. Adt.
to Whom the Deats of the officers Commissions the Prisonors names and Crieme and Evidances names are to be Sent as soon as Possible

Hd. Qrs. TryDiffering 19th Sep. 1777
The troops are to be in Readiness to Move to Morrow by Breake of Day and to March from the Right by half Companies in the following orders Yawker Infantry and Caveltry 2d. Lt. Infantrey Guards first and 2d 4th and 3 Brigade British

Brigade of Genl. Storn hessian Granadiers Queens Dragoons and 3 Squadrons in front of the Guards the first and 3d Brigade British the Baggane of the Arrny Beinq in the Reare of the Hessian Granediers according to the Line of March Covered by a Battn. from the 2d. and one from the 3d Brigade Brietish and the Queens Rinqiers the Baggage Of the Genl. officers Staff hosptl. Waggons and pay Masters in the Reare of the 2d Brigade British the Artillery in 3 Brigades in the front of the Guards The first and 3d Brigade British Pionniers 2nd Camp collers Men will attend the Qr Mr Genl in the Reare of the 2d. Lt. Infantrey at Day Breake 2d. Lt. Infantrey take post on the Right of the Line in the Riare of the Yawkers by Breake of Day. Waggons wil1 be sent to Each Brigade to Morrow to Receive the Sick and wounded that are Absoluttley one able to walke -

Battn. Orders
as Maney unconvanices arise From the Solders runing From their arms as Soon as the Battl comes to the Ground Major Maitland [Marines] Deseires, the Captn. and Commanding offers of Companys, will not A1ow their Men upon any Pretence wath ever to quit their Arms, Except to make Wigwams, without his Leave untill the Picquetts are Posted - Lieuts Nicholes [44th] and St.George [52nd] for Picquet this Evening The men of Fargusen Corps how are atasht to this Battl. to join the Riffel-Men under Lt . Shaw [64th] till further Orders - Lt Matthews [37th] to Act with the Riffel-men till further Orders - The Waggons to be Loaded to Morrow-morning at 3 oClock and the Battl. to March a Quarter befor Four

after Battl. Orders a Quarter past 8 at Night
The Battl. not to hold them Selfs in Readiness to March till further Orders

Try diffring 20th Sepr 1777
Two days fresh provision, Two Days flour will be immediately issued to the Troops -- Robert HIcks & Thos. Burrows, of 1st Regt of Guards tryed by a Genl. Court Martial, of which Lt. Colo. Martin is President - for Plunderinq & found Guilty of the Same, are Sentenced to Receive 500 Lashes each

The Commdr in Chief is p1eased to approve of the above Sentenc And to Order the prisoners Hicks & Burrows to thier Regts to Receive their punishments at the Direction of the Commdg officer of the Brigade --
Thos Burford &John Jackson private Soldiers, and Richd. Jones Corpl. In the Coldstream Guards accused before the Said Court Martial of plundering and auquitted.

The Commdr in Chief is pleased to Confirm the Same, & to Order The prisoners Burford, Jackson & Jones to be immediately Releasd. The above Court Martial is Disolved -

Commdr. in Chiefs Guard tomorrow morning 44th Regt
Genl. After Orders 5 Oclock -

The troops to march by Dat Breake by the Left in the fo1lowing Order, Yagers Infantry & Cavalry, 2d. Battn. Lt. Infantry Hessian Granadrs 3d Brigade & heavy Artillery Money Chest Genl. officers Baggage, Baggage of the Staff & Hospl. -- Baggage of the Army, according to the Line of March, Waggons with the Sick With the Baggage of their Respective Brigades Spare Ammunition, Cattel, 4th 2nd and 1st Brigades, 3d Brigades [Rear Guard?] 3d Brigade [ ] Dragoons [ very faint - see Kemble O.B.]

An offr & 12 Dragoons in the rear of the 1st Brigade 4 Spare Waggons in the front of the 3d Brigade

BO. The Battn. to be Under Arms to morrow morng at 4 oClock --

After Orders 9 at night [21st September 1777]

Officers Commanding pickets are Desired immediately to Report to their Commanding officers what Ever the may Judge Worthy of Being transmitted to the Commander in Chief, Such of falling of trees a Number of Carriges & impeding the Roads & fords near their posts

Head Quarters Charles Town 22d Septemr 1777
The Commander in Chief Desires his Perticular thanks to Majr Genl Grey & the officers & men of the Detachment Under his Command, that Yesterday Morning Surprised a part of the Enemy; thier Steadiness in Charging With Bayonets without firing a Single Shot not only proves thier Spirit & Discipline but Also their Conduct & Evident Superiority over the Enemy, the Gallant Charge made at the Same time by the Detachment of Dragoons does them Great Honour --

The Commander in Chief apprehends the order of March of the 17t. inst. has not Been received or properly Understood by Some of the Corps, He having Yesterday observed that it was not Strictly complyd with A Return Signed by the Commanding officers of Such Corps as have not Recd. that Order to be given in by the Respective Adjts. at Head Quarters -

The Genl. Court martial of which Lt Col. Sterling is President is Disolved -
The Corps that have Sent of Any Sick agreeable to the Order of this morning are Each to Send a Surgian or Mate to attend them
A Small quantity of Soap wil be Delivered to each Corps at 3 oClock This afternoon at the Valley Forge
The Regts or Corps that have not Recd. fresh meat & flower to the 22d inclusive are to Send for it immediately at the Commisy Store near the Valley Forge

B O Lt. Mair [43rd] for picket this Evening -- Edward McGinnis of Capt Wodds Company is appointed to do the Duty of
Corpl & is to be Obey'd as Such --
After Orders Evening Gunfiring --
The Baggage to be Loaded & the troops Under Arms by the Rising of the moon -- The 1st & 2nd Lt. Infantry, Queens Dragoons, & Queens Rangrs will lead the Collum, The Regts. will march by & follows The Regts on the Right; British Grendrs Guards 4th & 3rd Brigades, Stirns Brigade Hessian Grendrs & Yagers 1st & 2nd Brigades the Baggage of The Whole to Receive their Orders from Majr. Genl. Grant The Heavy Artillery at the Head of the 3d & 4th Brigades & Brigade of Stirn

B O The waggons to be loaded by 11 oClock & the Companeys to Attend the Qr Master for Rum at the Same Hour It is Recommended to them to be Careful as the can not possibly receive no More tomorrow --
The Battn. to hold themselves in Readiness for march at amoments Warning --

Capt Batwell [46th], Lieuts Harding [46th], Waddle [57th], & Gason [40th] for picket immedy.
Head Quarters Camp at Norington 23d Septr 1777
one gill of Rum Per man to be lssued to the Troops Doing Duty as Soon as they arraive at thier ground this Day --
The Corps will post thier Several pickets to the front or Rear according to their Different Situations & Report according to the orders of the 21st Instant.
two Days fresh meat & flowere for the 23rd & 24th Instant to be Issued to the Troops tomorrow morninq at the Mill Neer head Quarters
Commandinq officers of Corps will order thier arms & Ammunition to be Examined Very Perticulary & put immediately in the best order possible - as Severa1 men have been Loast by thier Stragling from Camp & the present Encampment being Serounded by the Enmy No officer or Solcier is to go beyond the out posts with out leave from the Commanding officer -- The Regiments Rolls to be frequently Called & all absent to be Immediately Reported --

Head Quarters Norrington 24th Septr 1777 -
The troops to be in Readiness to march in two Coloms by the Right by breake of Day tomorrow --
The Right Colom under the Command of Lt. Genl. Earl Cornwallice to Consist of the first Lt Infantry British Grenedaier & Guards first 2d & 4th Brigades British one Squadrin of Dragoons & Queens Rangers. The provision train Cattel &c to march with this Colom --
The Left Colom under the Command of His Excellency Lt Gen.Knyphausan to Consist of 3d. Brigade British Brigade of Starn Hessian Grenadiers 2d Lt. Infantrey Yagers & Heavy Artillery

The Bagage of Each Colom is to march in front provided by one Battalion of Infantry & one Squadron of Hors -- the 15th Regt is to preced the Bagage of the Left Colom the 2d Light Infantry posted at Sweedese foard is to fall to the Rear of the Hessian Grenadiers -
Edward Riley privat Soldier in the 15th Reg. tryed by the Genl Coart martial of which Lt. Colol. Starling is presedent for being concern'd in plundring a House & acquited of the Same -- The Commander in Chief is pleased to confirm the above Sentence -- Nicholas Carney privat Soldier in the Queens Rangers tryed by the above Gen. Court martial for Disertion & found guilty of the Sam is Sentinced to Suffer Death -- The Commander in chief is pleased to aprove of the above Sentances

B O Capt. Armstrong [64th] Lieutenants Campbell Senior [71st] Waler [43rd] & Campbell Juner [71st] for picket this Evening

Head Quarters Germantown 25th Septemr. 1777
The pickets will be posted by the Commanding officers of Corps agreeable to the Orders of the 21st 2d & 3d Instant, and pattroles to Be Sent frequently in order to keep the Soldiers out of the Village & Houses adjacent --
No officer, or soldier to quitt the Camp without Leave from His Commanding Officer --
No officer; Soldier, Womin, or follower of' the Army is Upon any account to attempt going to Philadelphia Without Express leave from the Commander in Chief, and HisExcellency calls Upon the Commanding Officers of Corps for Their Exertion to inforce this, & all other orders that immediately Leads to the order & Disipline of the Army & Security of the Inhabitants --
The two Battns British Grandrs, two Battns. Hessian Grandrs, two Squadrons of 16 Dragoons with their Baggage & Guns, 6 Medium 12s & 4 Howitzers are to parade tomorrow Tomorrow morning at the Head of the British Grandrs at 8 oClock, Under the Command of Lt Genl Earl Cornwallis --
To march to philadelphia the Qr Mr Genl & a Deputy with The Commissary Genl & a Deputy, will attend this Corps

His Lordship will be pleased to give Such orders as he shall Judge Necessary to this Detachment --

Two Days provisions for the 25th & 26 Inclusive to be issued To the troops tomorrow morning, Begining with the troops that are to march -- One Gill of rum pr man to be Issued to the Troops doing Duty immediately --

B O , Major Maitland [Marines] Requests that the officers will Use the Utmost indavour to prevent the men from doing Any harm to the inhabitants.

Head Quarters Germantown 26th Septemr. 1777

Four Days flower, & One Days fresh meat, & one days Rum to Be issued to the troops tomorrow morning early --

B O Lieuts Kelly [ ? ] & Nichols [44th] for picket this Evening --
After Orders 3 oClock afternoon 26th Septemr 1777 -- All the Sick are to be Removed in the Regiml waggons tomorrow morning to philadelphia attended by One Hospl Surgeon, with mates in proportion, an assistant Commissary Will also go with them & attend the Hospital to provide provisions, Straw &c -- The Waggons are to assemble in the Road facing Head quarters by 6: in the morning, Escorted by a Corpl & Six From each Regt or Corp, with one Subl & one Serjt. from each Brigade -- This Escort to be Relieved by the first Corps in camped on the Road & so on from Corp to Corp to philadelphia & Back again to Camp --

Each Regt or Corp is allowed to Send one person to town with These Waggons on purpose to provide wines &c for the Officers or Necessarys For the Men -- All Reble prisoners, the officers excepted are to be Removed to town with the Above Escort --
The Officer commanding the escort will Report his arrival in town To Lt. Genl. Earl Cornwallis --

B O Liut. St. George [52nd] for the Escort tomorrow morning --

Camp Head Quarters Germantown 27th Septemr. 1777

Nicholas Carney private Soldier in the Queens Rangers found Guilty of Disertion & Sentenced to Suffer Death is to be Executed on monday Next the 29th Instant Between the hours of ten and 12 in the forenoon at the Head of the Artillery park
-- The Commandr in Chief has order'd a Reward of 200 Dollars for the Discovery of the person or persons concerned in the Robery Committed upon the House of Robert Morris Junior near frankqueford th on the Night of the 25th Instant --
The postes upon the Communication to Philadelphia are Ordered to be very allert in Examining & Securing all Straglers, Soldiers, or followers of the Army, without passport agreeable to the order of the 25th Instant

A present State of each Corp to be given in tomorrow at 12 oClock. The Sick & wounded are to be Returned in Separate Columbs --
B O The Companys to make Wigwams as fast as possible, the Qr Mr will attend & show their Ground --

Capt. Montgomery [40th] Lts Roriston [37th], Babbington [55th] & Omaria [49th] for Picket this Evening --

Head Quarters Camp at Germantown 28th Septr 1777

Capt. Maddin of the 15th appointed Town Major to the Garrison of Philadelphia and is to be Repaier immediately --
Commanding officers of corps are permitted to grant Leave to two or 3 of thier officers at a time to go to Philadelphia Knowing thiem to have Real bisness thier but are to take care that a Sufficient Number is Constantly presant for the Duty of the Camp -- The Soldiers are on no account to be Sent to town without it be Upon Very particular occasions
Such Corps as have not alredy Sent a woman as a Nuas to attend thier Sick in town are to order one thier immediately --
A General Court martial Consisting of 3 field officers, 6 Captains & 4 Lieutenants from the Brigade of Guards 1st 2d 3d 4th Brigades
British to assamble at the town Guard in Germantown tomorrow morning at 8 oClock to try all prisoners that Shall be brought before them --- Lt. Colol Stevens foot Guards president

DetailField OfficerCapt.Liuet.
Brig. Guards11
1st Brigade112
2nd Brigade221
3rd Brigade 11
4th Brigade1
Capt Edye Deputy Judge Advocate to whom the Deats of the officers Commissions are to be Sent this Evining to the Right of the Brigade of Guards --

The pickets of the Army that Come off Duty tomorrow morning are to attend the Execution at 10 oClock under the Command of a Field officer from Each Nation --
For the British Major Ferguson --
3 Days fresh meat & 3 Days Rum to be Issued to the troops this after Noon at the Commiasarys Store in Germantown The wagioners &c are only to Receive the Same allowance of Rum as the Soldiers

B O Capt McLaien [43rd] Lieutenants Babbington [55th] & Omera [49th] for picket this Evening

Morning Battalion Orders 29th Septemr. 1777
A Courtmartial to sit at 11oclock at the presedents Quarters Capt Lysict [63rd] presedent Lts Waring [55th] Harding [46th] & Members Mare [43rd] Wadle [57th]

All evidences to attend
A Detachment of two Capts 4 Subalterns 6 serjants 6 Corporals & 100 private to parade Imadelly Capt Sr. James Baird [71st] & Wood [45th]
Lts Campll senior [71st] Campll Junior [71st] Forbus [40th] & Saurin [46th] for the above Duty

Head Quarters Germantown 29th Septemr 1777
Robertson Genl is appointed Deputy Barrack Master to the Garrison of philadelphia --
Serjt Major Rio, 44th Regt is appointed town adjt to philadelphia.
B O Captain Lysaght [63rd], Lieuts Warren [55th] & Mair [43rd], for picket this Evening
After orders the 10th & 42d Regts to march this after Noon at 11 oClock

Head Quarters Germantown 30th Septr. 1777

300 Pounds Sterling will be immediately Issued upon account by the Deputy pay master Genl Near Head Quarters to Every British Regt who shall Apply for it -- 2 Days bread fresh provision & Rum will be Issued tomorrow at philadelphia -- Each Corps to Send 2 wagions for that purpose --
The Genl Court martial of which Lt Colo Stevens is presedent is to Assemble tomorrow morning at 8 oclock for the tryal of Such prisoners as Shall be brought before thiem --
B O Corpl Thompson of the 40th Lt Company is apointed to Do the Duty of Serjt & Robert Cunningham of Said Company to Do the Duty of Corpl they are to be Obeed as Such
Captain Speake [37th], Lts Harding [46th] & Waddle [57th] for picket this Evening

Head Quarters Germantown Octr the 1st 1777
The Comanding officers of Corps are on no account to allow any officer to go to Town Except Such as they know to have absolute business, as the line is liable to be Called out on the Shortest Notice -- The field officer of the British pickets is to Report to the Commander in Chief --

B O Capt Hamilton [52nd] Lieutenants Gason [40th] & Campbel Siener 71st for picket this Evening --
Morning B O 2d October 1777
A Detachment of two Captains 4 Subs 6 Serjts 6 Corpls & 100 private to parade at Major Maitlands [Marines] Quarters immediately Captains Benson [44th] & Batwell [46th] Lieuts Rorrison [37th], Babbington [55th], Omara [49th], Roberts [63rd] For the Above Duty --

Head Quarters Camp at Germantown 2d October 1777
Mr Alex Gordin is appointed to attend the Sick Rebel prisoners in Philadelphia as Surgeon --
Serjt Clarkson of the 46th Regt is appointed an assistant to the Deputy Barrk Master at philadelphia --
Serjt Cuningham of the 10th Regt & Serjt Jeffries of the 27th are appointed assistants to the provost Marshall --
Two Days provision to be issued to the troops tomorrow morning,
The Bread at Philadelphia & the meat & Rum at Germantown -- Waggoners, followers of the Army & men not doing Duty are in Titled to Receive Rumin proportion of one Gill pr Man only The Sick are never to be Drawn for -- Field officer for the pickets, of the British tomorrow Morning Major Ferguson --

B O Captain Sr James Baird [71st] Lts Weir [43rd] Campbell Junr 71st for picket This evening --
Head Quarters Camp Germantown 3d Octobr 1777
Commanding officers of Corps are to give a Return upon Honour to the Quarter Master Genl tomorrow morning of the Number of Horses in their Respective Corps Specefying to whom they belong --
A major of Brigade for the Day is to come on Duty Every morning at Revalley Beating -- he is to parade all publick guards & Detachment & Report to the Adjutant Genl.--
Field officer for the picket of the British tomorrow Lt Colo Webster, Major of Brigade for this Day Leslie -- For tomorrow Simes --

B O A return of the Number of Horses in the possion of Each Company to be Given in immediately -- Agreeable to the tenor of this Days

General order --
Capt. Wood [45th] Lieutenants Forbus [40th] & Sauran [46th] for picket this Evening
A court martial to Sit tomorrow morning at the presedants Quarters at 9 oClock Capt Sr Jams Baird [71st] presadent
-- Lts Kelly [ ? ] Nichols [44th], St.George [52nd] & Rorison [37th] members all Evidences to attend. [Note: the court martial was not held as scheduled due to Rebel attack. Baird and St.George were both wounded.]

After orders 8 at Night 3d Octor 1777
The 55th, 57th, 63d, 64th, 71st, 37th, & 40th companys to parade with arms & accoutrements at Major Maitlands [Marines] Quarters immediately.

[Note: Leaving behind the 43rd, 44th, 45th, 46th, 49th, and 52nd companies. What were they up to? At 45 men per remaining company, it would leave 270 men, close to the figure of 350 mentioned by Hunter at Germantown. Aside from Captain Speke, 37th, and Captain Baird and Lieutenant Campbell of the 71st (who had earlier been on picket), no other officers from the departed companies were listed as wounded. The insinuation is that only half of the battalion did the fighting, although the rest may have been close at hand and lent its support in some manner. Perhaps these companies were sent out on patrols? Yes, a major patrol that saw nothing but the main Rebel campfires in the far distance. Apparantly they did get back before the attack. No officers of the picket on 3rd/4th October were wounded. St.George was hit in the head after he independently rushed forward to the picket position. Speke was captured, which taken by itself, suggests he may have been separated from the 37th company somehow.]

52nd had 1 rifleman 17th had ___ riflemn
40th had riflemn 42nd had ___ riflemn
64th had 3 riflemen plus a Lt. 22nd had ___ riflemn plus a Lt.
37th had ___ riflemn plus a Lt.

On the parade32
On Duty4
Riffle men3

Servants &c Tomorrow

[Note: This is presumably the return for the 64th Light Infantry Company during the period covered by this O.B. The number, however, don't add up. Are the phony contingent men included in the figures?]

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